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Resources for Christians Facing Divorce and Needing Christian Divorce Help

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Articles by The Founder of CDS

The Gentle Divorce.pdf

Parental Alienation Syndrome.pdf

Divorce Support Groups.pdf

Breakthrough Parenting.pdf

A Holiday From Divorce.pdf

Breakthrough Parenting Part two.pdf

Covenant Marriage.pdf

The Modern Familys Search For God 2.pdf

Parental Alienation Syndrome.pdf

Abortion in 2050.pdf

5 Languages of Love.pdf



















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Children and Divorce 


Christianity and Divorce 

A Childs perspective on Parents Mediation.pdf 


Non Adversarial Divorce Movement Gains Ground.pdf 

What Should We Tell The Children.pdf


What Does Mediation Have to do With Christianity.pdf

Psychological and Emotional Aspects of Divorce.doc


Divorce Lovingly.pdf 

Parent Child Attachment Bonds in Divorce.pdf


Divorce And Remarriage From The Early Church To John Wesley.pdf

Criticizing a Parent Hurts Kids.pdf


Born Again Christians Just As Likely to Divorce As Are Non.doc 

My Child Cries At Visitation Time.pdf


The Old Testament and Jewish Laws of Divorce.pdf

Parenting for Children of Divorce.pdf


When a friend Divorces.pdf

Legal Issues


After Divorce.doc

Contemplating Divorce.doc


NEW: CDS in the News.... Taking her to court.doc 

Ohio Divorce Law Summary.doc


Bankruptcy and Divorce

Mediating Divorce Agreements.doc


Divorce and Bankruptcy.pdf

Using a Private Judge in Divorce Cases.pdf


Domestic Support Obligations and Bankruptcy.pdf 

What If My Ex Filed False Tax Returns in the Past.pdf


Bankruptcy Marital Debt and Divorce.pdf

American Bar Assn  Choosing a Lawyer.pdf



American Bar Assn  You Decide.pdf



American Bar Assn Your Options.pdf