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Mediation traning

We provide Christian Mediation Training for individuals and churches who are interested in Christian mediation, conciliation, and dispute resolution.

  • There are two major components to a divorce that are required by the state courts.
    The first is called a Parenting Plan (if you have minor children). A parenting plan in some states is also known as a " custody and visitation plan " or a " child support plan ". We believe we can help you achieve a better Christian parenting plan than a court can impose upon you. We believe that two Christian parents, no matter how embattled they are, know better what their children need than a judge who has no stake in your children's life. You likely can't develop the plan on your own because your relationship has broken down to the point of divorce. We all are Biblically directed to take any disputes to the Church for resolution, (MT 18:17, "If he refuses to listen, tell it to the church"); however, the local Church almost always is not capable of developing a Christian parenting plan for the court simply because most ministers don't have the training and experience necessary to handle these matters. We have resolved so many Christian parenting plans that we have the ability to bring our experience to bear on your case and assist you in developing a Christian parenting plan that works for both of you as well as for your children. The Bible directs us "Therefore, if you have disputes about such matters, appoint as judges even men of little account in the church!" (1Cor 6:4). While we certainly don't know it all, we have handled so many cases that we know where so many of the pitfalls lay. We use that experience, prayer, and training to develop a customised parenting plan that is noticeably better than what the courts will issue.
  • The second component of a divorce is a Separation Agreement or sometimes called a Marital Settlement Agreement.
    The separation agreement is not the separation of the two of you, but rather, the separation of your assets, liabilities, support, and other material issues. We believe we can assist you to develop a better Christian marital settlement or separation agreement than the courts would impose upon you. The objective of the litigation process is to defeat the other side, not to do what is right. There is a big difference. In litigation, the objective of your spouse's attorney is to defeat and destroy you. Your attorney's objective is to defeat and destroy your spouse. The result of this litigation process is defeat (1Cor. 6:7). Christian Divorce Services objective is to assist you both in developing a Christian marital settlement agreement or separation agreement that is fair and satisfactory to both of you. Again, you likely can't develop the plan on your own because your relationship has broken down to the point of divorce. We will assist you to get there. The litigation process is so destructive that the reconciliation rate is approximately 0.03% after a litigated verdict. Litigation yields hatred beyond what you may experience now. There is a better way.
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