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mediator opportunities

We have opportunities for mediators in most states.  As we grow, we are seeking Christ centered mediators who have the heart, skill, and calling to work with divorcing Christians.  This is not an easy area and is not for everyone who thinks they are interested in mediation.  This specialty area can be an extremely satisfying area to work in though.  Currently the Christian divorce rate is 50% and unfortunately almost all of them are sent to the court system instead of Christian Mediation.

In the United States, mediators come from all walks of life and backgrounds.  At CDS, we believe our mediators are the best trained and highest skilled mediators in the country.  Generally speaking, there is no minimum requirement in the US on the educational level of a mediator; the real test is ability.  In order to mediate with Christian Divorce Services however, we require extensive training in mediation including specific training in Christian Mediation.  We work with our mediators to become highly skilled and to become certified by their (or another) State Supreme Court.    Previous experience and training is wonderful, however, we still require potential mediators to be thoroughly trained in our process, systems, methodologies, use of our resources (such as attorneys, actuaries, etc), and our expectations for mediators. We also provide a strong mentoring system for new mediators.
We provide our mediators with central resources including attorneys, actuaries, financial planners and accountants so we can provide our clients with one seamless process for settlement of all the issues in their divorce.  This also provides our mediators with a knowledge pool to handle almost any issue that can come up.
Many of our mediators work on a national basis and travel to meet with clients, where as others prefer to work within close distance to their home or just within their Church.  Ultimately if you are appointed to our roster of mediators, we will refer cases to you as frequently or infrequently as you desire, allowing you to mediate part time.

Couple in Mediation
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